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Dangerous Mines 1.0 OSX

Dangerous Mines 1.0 OSX

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Screenshots of Dangerous Mines

Dangerous Mines Editor's Review

'Dangerous Mines' is a game that takes the Minesweeper idea and gives it a brand new interface.

Besides the cool interface, this program brings other features that aren't available in the original Minesweeper. The game allows you to play other game modes, such as Free Edge and Gauntlet.

The Classic mode is the same mode that is available in Minesweeper. The only difference is that the first click on the board is always safe. This mode has three skill level settings, from easy to hard. You can also use a custom skill level by setting up the board dimensions and the numbers of gems (in %). Clicking on a gem ends your game.

The Free Edge mode allows you to play a game where the board edge is free of mines. The skill levels are similar to the ones from the Classic mode. Clicking on a gem ends your game.

The Gauntlet mode is a Free Edge game type. The difference is that you have a specific amount of time to finish. The leftover time is carried into the next round. If you accidentally click on a gem, you get a time penalty where you have to wait before you can play again. If you place a flag in the wrong spot, you lose points. In addition, if you click on a gem, you lose points. If you can't handle it at all, the game rewards you with negative score.

You can also play online. The online mode allows you to chat with other players, as well as to upload your scores to the producer's Lobby Server. This game mode doesn't allow you to play directly against other players.

Pluses: It gives a brand new look to the old Minesweeper. It has multiple game modes. It has predefined and custom skill levels.

Drawbacks / flaws: Using the full screen mode, while doing some screenshots can totally mess up your desktop. I don't know about you, but I don't like to rearrange my files/folders that I keep on my desktop.

In conclusion: This game is very addictive. However, if you are a fan of the classic Minesweeper, then you have a free alternative: Mine Swept.

version reviewed: 1.0

Dangerous Mines Publisher's Description

If you’ve played Minesweeper before, you're now in for a real treat. Dangerous Mines has taken the classic game play we all know, added a pinch of magic dust and a mineshaft of fun then crafted all that into a truly unique game you won’t want to stop playing. Not only does the game have great graphics but it wields 3 Game modes that take your minesweeping...

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